Trap Music Museum and Escape Room
630 Travis St NW. Atlanta, GA 30318

Frequently Asked Questions

Trap Music Museum Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


What days is the museum open?

The Trap Music Museum is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Click here to see specific hours.I am from out of town. How long will the museum be open?

As of now, the Trap Music Museum will be open! If anything changes, we will update!

18 and under policy

Trap Music Museum is 18 and Up after 8:00PM.

Those 18 and Under, can come with an adult BEFORE 8:00PM.

How can I submit my artwork?

Please submit artwork to

We can’t guarantee review, but we do review artwork for future purposes.

How long is the escape room?

The escape room is 30 minutes on the weekend, and 45 minutes during the week.

If I booked an escape room, what should I do when I arrive?

Make sure you notify the front door or any staff, and you will be properly directed. If you don’t notify and just enter, there may be a possibility that you will miss your reservation time, and as much as we would like to make everybody happy, the escape room is sold out.

The escape room slots are red, why?

This is showing that the rooms are sold out for those times.